A guide for product folks to ensure that their product plans are well communicated and understood.

Product roadmaps are the marmite of product folks. They either like it or dislike it.

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On the other hand, product roadmaps bring excitement, anticipation, and hope to other business units within an organization, and in some cases, to customers as well. It’s the promise of what is the come.

When you attempt to unpick why roadmaps are so desirable by a group of people, it all boils down to one thing; knowing there is a plan. A plan that enables their goals and meets their needs, and gives them confidence that you are going in the right direction of travel.

New Year’s Resolutions are great but why wait each year for New Year’s Eve / Day to make decisions that benefit you?

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It’s the start of a new year and I suspect that many of us have crafted some good New Year’s Resolutions.

According to Lexico, a New Year’s Resolution is “a firm decision made on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day to do or refrain from doing something over the course of the coming year”

I find New Year Resolutions fascinating. Most of us make them, get excited about them, and then we don’t see them through to…

Revisiting why we should be intentional about exercising today to reap long term benefits in our latter years

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Earlier this year, my uncle came to visit. We had great conversations across a range of topics, one of which was exercising. We focussed on the importance of physical activities and the long term benefits.

My uncle felt that people recognise the health benefits of exercising to a large extent. But, it seemed the benefits emphasised by media are around the immediate — short term gains. You know, things like becoming toned, getting your beach body, getting the ultimate bum and flat belly etc.

None of these are bad, but he wondered if the focus and the message should also…

“You should definitely apply for that role. I know that you will be great at the job because you are already doing some elements of it. So, you owe it to yourself to put yourself forward. If you need help, I am available to support you with crafting your application”

This was a snippet of a conversation I overheard. Here, ‘Person A’ was unsure about her suitability for a role that had opened up where she worked and ‘Person B’ was encouraging her to apply for the job.

Listening to the conversation, it was familiar. I have seen this happen…

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I’m interested in Food, Travel, Empowering Women (and Men), Product Management, and Tech for Good! I plan to write about things i find interesting / care about

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